Sunday, October 20, 2013


Today started out with another poop catastrophe. We have them multiple times a week, and we've already had two today. This morning's poop was spread all over Nami's bedroom, the hallway and the family room. The good news is that my newly purchased carpet cleaner arrived last week and I took comfort in knowing that I could get the floors really clean. The bad news is, Nami tore apart and broke our washing machine yesterday so we don't have a machine to clean his extremely soiled clothing and bedding.

I can't even say that what we've been doing since returning from New York is surviving. We haven't even been doing as well as that! I'm finally starting to pull out of (hopefully for good) the funk that I've been in, and I've started to clean our disaster of a house this past week. I was excited to finally feel like I could REALLY clean because Nami has continually been gracing us with his poop-art that he's decorated the house with.
Whenever he does this I feel pretty confident that I get all the walls and doors disinfected, but I've never been sure about the carpets. So, I finally bought me one of these babies...
...and I've spent the last 4 days cleaning all our carpets, floors and chairs. Although I was frustrated about the mess this morning, I was sure grateful to own this carpet cleaner so I could clean up the mess in a jiffy.

It's difficult for me to not feel bad for myself sometimes as I try to contain Nami. I can't even let my guard down for a second (literally) before disaster strikes. I've blogged about a couple incidents before in A TORNADO STRIKES NAMED NAMI and ONE OF THOSE DAYS. I've find myself wishing over and over again that I could afford to Nami-proof my house. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Despite my efforts to keep Nami contained in, or out, or certain rooms, Nami can now break off the knob covers and escape.
  • Meal time is chaotic to say the least. We have to keep the kitchen table pushed up against the counter to keep Nami from knocking everything off the counter. During meal time, I'm constantly having to run back and forth around the counter to pull Nami of the table and/or counter. When dinner is over, we have to fold the chairs up immediately and put them right up and put them up against the wall. Oh, and watch your head at all times so that it doesn't hit the light fixture.
  • We try to keep Nami out of the kitchen with this gate. Despite reinforcing in with Velcro and tying rope all the way around the refrigerator and then through the gate. All this has done is buy us about 2.3 seconds extra time to catch Nami before he destroys the kitchen.

  • When Nami does get past the gate, he throws everything from the counters onto the floor and everything in the sink onto the ground. If it is glass, it will be shattered. This past week, Nami got back into the kitchen, grabbed a sharp knife without me seeing, and threw it right at me. It flew within an inch of my face!
  • When I am successful at keeping Nami out of the kitchen (because I stand guard of the gate while working in the kitchen) he will start to get toys and throw them at the items on the counter to knock them off. If that doesn't work, he will chuck them at me. If I don't have food for him right when he wants it, he will go to the fridge and push the water and get everything wet.
  • Not only does Nami throw toys, he throws furniture. This is our start in trying to fix the hole he made in the wall when he threw a chair and the leg went through the wall. Nami kicks and hits the walls so hard right now I fear that he is going to actually end up kicking a hole in the wall. My mom suggested putting metal paneling around the base of our house. It's a good idea, but it made me laugh because I knew we'd have to go at least 1/2 way up the walls in order to protect them. ;)

  • I finally decided I need something for me. I hate being in my kitchen/family room, because it's so stressful. So, I found a very affordable electric fireplace/entertainment center and rearranged the room. Just seeing the fire's flame, even though it is fake, has had a very calming effect on me. This setup will not last. Nami has already started to climb on the speakers to get on top, is messing with all the electronics, and that chair will not be able to remain at the piano. But at least I've been able to enjoy it for two days.
  • I still need to fix a couple other things. First, our couches are so worn from Nami's STIMMING. We can't afford new couches, but slipcovers are on the way.

  • I will also need to figure out what to do about the gate at the stairs that Nami tore down this week. We originally put it up because he had a seizure and fell down the stairs a couple years ago. Now the gate is broken. What to do, what to do?

  • It's a good thing I already set up the fireplace, because after Nami's tactics yesterday, I wouldn't have bought it. He somehow got into the laundry room. I usually have a stand in front of the washing machine so he can't get into the machine, but I was in the middle of doing the laundry, so it must have been out. He got in the machine, pulled on the rubber ring and ripped the entire thing in two. Salesi started the next load, not noticing the rip, and next thing we know our entire floor had about 1/2 inch of water on it that had spilled out of the machine. We had to go straight and buy another machine.

I often find myself screaming, "COULD SOMEONE PLEASE JUST NAMI-PROOF MY HOUSE?!?!"

On a happier note, Nami is having so many less seizures! I will take "Nami the Destroyer" (nicknamed by Uncle Jon) over seizing Nami any day!


  1. WOW! So I am assuming as you write this your little guy is sleeping or your hubby is watching him LOL! You must be learning a lot of patience! I'm sure there is a reason why this cutie was sent to you! Good luck in all your efforts to Nami-proof your home. You are an example to many of us!

    1. Yes Sadi, he was most definitely sleeping and I felt the need to vent. =)

  2. Yikes! How does he keep getting access to his dirty diaper? I had a friend that would put her kids in backwards zip up pajamas so they couldn't get at it, I know he's not the only kid to do that, there might be better ideas online? Sounds like life is as busy as ever! Good luck!

    1. Yeah, we do that with the PJs Steph. He'll just go in the other room while I'm doing dishes or taking a shower and 3 minutes later we've got a huge mess. I've looked for overalls in his size (not successfully yet), but I think he'll be able to just take those off anyway. I think I'm going to have to buy him some leotards or something to wear under his clothes. Little stinker.

    2. Wow, yes, time to get creative and/or inventive!

  3. I am exhausted just reading this. Respite? What does Nami-proof mean? Is it possible?

    1. Believe it or not, all of this happens despite Nami having respite and spending 24 hours a week in one-on-one ABA therapy in our home. He works full-time trying to learn how to live and we're still struggling. Nami-proof is just a made up name meaning making my house safe from being destroyed by Nami. And, I'm not sure it's possible. It's definitely not possible on my budget. =)

    2. :( shows what I don't know, doesn't it? Wish there was a way to make it possible.


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