Saturday, January 12, 2013


I have found that it is important for me to find joy in as many things as I can because it helps me cope with the stress in my life. One of my biggest sources of delight is my younger son, Kope. He constantly keeps me laughing and enjoying my days, even though he is a little rascal. I am warning you that I’m going to be bragging about my son a little bit. You see, having a child with so many difficulties warps my view of my other son. He is meeting his developmental milestones as most children his age do, but to me he is a GENIUS! Please forgive me for showing off my son who is a typical almost-2-year-old. =)

Kope is now 23 months old. Boy how time flies! Yesterday he was freaking out when he woke up from him nap. I quickly went in to see what the matter was. He was standing up with a very concerned look on his face and pointing down at his mattress. He said “Eew”! I looked down and there was a yellow stain of fresh urine. What a smart boy! He was in a hurry to get out of that bed.

Kope has started to say a few full sentences already. Yesterday he clearly stated, “I need a drink”. I thought, “WHAT?!?! Did he really just say that?” I went over and grabbed him and threw him around, whooping with joy.

A few days ago, Kope was getting into the groceries on the floor. He looked at me mischievously, expecting me to get angry. Instead I said, “Thank you Kope! You are such a big helper! Thanks for giving that to mommy!” I continued this as he picked up each and every item out of about 8 grocery bags and brought them over to me, including six 2 liter bottles of diet coke. He struggled with the first bottle, but by the last one he had figured out how to get it up and hold it with both arms which made the 10 foot walk much easier. When he was all done I said, “stones” at which point we bumped fists and then spread our fingers like the bump made an explosion. This is always accompanied with an explosion sound of course.

Now this next celebration may not be one that many people understand. My sons have started to hit each other, yell at each other and tackle each other. I know what many of you are thinking…”How is THAT something to celebrate?” Well, what this means to me is that not only is Kope acting developmentally appropriate, but Nami has moments that he is able to interact more typically as well. I was laughing so hard this morning when my boys started fighting over their breakfasts. They each had the exact same thing (minus no milk on Nami’s cereal): Corn Chex and an orange. For some reason, they started trying to take each others' food…pretty typical around here. Kope tried to grab some of Nami’s food and Nami responded by hitting Kope. They both ended up yelling at each other. I sat them both in a timeout. I put them there so quickly that they ended up being right across the room from each other. They both stayed put for about 60 seconds before Nami looked at Kope and said, “Sorry”. That was my cue to end the time out. I told them they needed to be gentle with each other. Then they met in the middle of the room, each said “sorry”, and then hugged and kissed. I could NOT believe my eyes. This seemed like a very normal moment amongst constant abnormality in our home.

My favorite thing that Kope has done lately is Tongan dancing. A few weeks ago I walked into the family room to find him dancing with a stick. I turned to Salesi and said, “It looks like Kope is doing the Tongan warrior dance” (kailao). He replied, “He is. We do it all the time”. I have included a video here for your enjoyment: (He doesn’t quite have the spinning and catching-the-stick down yet so he practices near the couch.)

Thank you Kope for being you!


  1. He is a great source of joy. I love this post.

  2. Oh my goodness. He is beautiful. Also is he maybe the cutest most charming little boy on the face of the planet?! What a sweet blessing.

  3. So cute...Love the dancing including the sound effects. I think you should do a post with Salesi doing the dance!!!

    1. Um...yeah...not a chance that Salesi would do that. =)

  4. He is not just any boy to us. We adore him over here. I'm so glad we live close by and get to enjoy him and the rest of your family so much.
    The video is so great. I love Salesi's laughing and the way Kope is admiring his daddy. Thanks for sharing!


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