Monday, October 29, 2012


I have long dreaded this day. The day my younger son, Kope, would realize that his brother gets a lot more attention than him. I’ve asked myself, “What would it look like? How would he deal with it? How would I make him feel special?” Well, today was the day my 20 month old has become fully aware that more people “play” with his older brother than with him. It breaks my heart to hear him cry when Nami and his therapist go into the other room to work. He screams “up, up” and tries to climb over the barriers (gates) we’ve placed between the rooms, but he is locked out. I try to ease the pain by having us all play together on Nami’s breaks, but it is little consolation. Even with special outings with his dad to the park and playtime outside with Mom, he is still aware that Nami is somehow different…he gets more attention from more people. How do I help him understand?

Kope, I want you to know that you are special and very loved. You bring constant joy to my life. I love how loudly you laugh when I chase you, tickle you and spin you around. I love how you can already speak so much of two languages. I love how you copy me weeding, cleaning, combing my hair, brushing my teeth, and putting on lotion. (I don’t like it when you eat the lotion, though. =) You are so smart! You seem to be able to figure everything out and continually find ways to get done what you want, such as using a stick to turn on the light switch or finding any furniture, bag or toy that you can climb on and get high enough to get on top of the piano or in the TV cabinet (both things I also do not like. =) I love how you put your shoes and socks on when it's time to go. I love how you give the BEST hugs in the world…so tight and then you pat my shoulders while you bury your head under mine. You are my little buddy and I love you!


  1. Hey there, It's Amanda Stonesifer. Just read your first posting and now this one. I remember you saying that Nami had tumors, but I didn't realize it was to this extent and degree. If anyone could have the strength to deal with it all, it would be you. Praying for you and your amazing little boys.

  2. I love seeing these pictures. I love my sweet nephews!

  3. Kope and Nami are both so special and lucky to have each other. Love them both, so much!

  4. Well now that he's learned to climb the gates, it will be hard to stop him from getting anywhere:) I love that spunky little guy!

    1. No kidding! He loves you too. He's always talking about "Mannie".


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